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FM23 Legends of the Beautiful Games

Avec cette update, les joueurs et managers les plus légendaires de l'histoire du football apparaîtront dans votre jeu Football Manager.

FM23 Legends of the Beautiful Games FM23 Fooball Manager Update

Initial release (600 players & 30 managers)

Note: I'm doing a significant overhaul for most of the player's current ability to match their historical data based on their age when starting a new game (e.g Ronaldo or Owen will have a higher CA and Drogba will have a lower CA in their youth age). Apologize for the delay.

The next update will be released around mid-late October


This database concludes the set of the best ever in the entire history of the beautiful games. With this extra data set the most legendary players and managers from football history will appear in your Football Manager game.

There are five criteria that are implemented to compile all the best players, specified as follows:

1. Attributes/skills of players in their peak performances,

2. Individual achievements of players,

3. Performances and participation of players in club competitions,

4. Performances and participation of players in national team competitions,

5. The longevity and consistency of players in playing in high-level competitions.

The results of the calculations will be categorized into nine positions, specified as follows:

1. Goalkeeper

2. Centre Back/Libero/Sweeper

3. Full Back/Wing Back/Half Back

4. Defensive Midfielder/Holding Midfielder/Box to Box Midfielder

5. Central Midfielder/Deep Lying Playmaker/Advanced Playmaker

6. Advanced Midfielder/Trequartista

7. Side Midfielder/Winger

8. Inside Forward/Shadows Striker/False Nine

9. Target Striker/Poacher

The best players in each positional category will be picked with a good proportion from each era/decade to get into this FM 2023 custom database.


Details Information

All players born in the same decade will have the same birth year. Every difference of a decade means a difference of one year.

Players who were born in 1940s will start the game at the age of 22. (e.g Pelé and Cruyff)

Players who were born in 1950s will start the game at the age of 21. (e.g Zico and Platini)

Players who were born in 1960s will start the game at the age of 20. (e.g Maradona and van Basten)

Players who were born in 1970s will start the game at the age of 19. (e.g Ronaldo and Zidane)

Players who were born in 1980s will start the game at the age of 18. (e.g Messi and CR7)

This database contains even players who were born in 1880s

Contract and International Data

There is no Maradona at Napoli or van Basten at AC Milan, where the legends play in their famous playing club. All players will play at their real playing club history based on their age when the game started. So, Maradona will play at Argentinos Jrs and van Basten at Ajax, because they were there at the age of 20; Ronaldo will play at PSV and Zidane will play at AS Cannes because they were there at the age of 19.

This applies also to legendary managers.

Some players who played in small reputation clubs and/or lower leagues will have a set future transfer to their next club with a random transfer fee. (e.g Zidane will join Bordeaux in 2022)

Furthermore, all players will have international data included. (e.g Pelé has 32 int. apps and 33 goals at the age of 22, Maradona has 20 int. apps and 8 goals at the age of 20)

Personality and Attributes Data

All players and managers have completed and authentic value data between 1-20 with no PA overpowered (only 45 players have 190+ Potential Ability with only 2 players have 200 Potential Ability)

Career Plans and Playing/Non-Playing History

Most players and managers have a set career plan to play/manage their next club. All of them have a set playing/non-playing history. This isvery important to the club dynamics because makes them more influential players.

In addition, players who play abroad will have an additional language that is used in their based nation.

If you like and want to support the hours of work you can donate HERE

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