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(FM23) A Youth Only Challenge : Chacarita Juniors – Intro

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A Youth Only Challenge: Chacarita Juniors – Midseason ’22 coxie fm fmultras story


I’ve never tried ‘A Youth Only Challenge‘….. and it will be interesting and most definitely a difference way to how I have played the game previously. However, I do play similar way-ish as that I either buy, loan or raid the freebie market for younger players but to solely reply on youth intakes, well that’s a different kettle of fish, lol. I am also playing another challenge on FM23 at the moment called the ‘SAF Challenge‘ which I have just finished writing up season two and continued over on discord instead of blogged.

Now back to this new series and I am sure you’ve all heard of ‘A Youth Only Challenge‘. But if not then, the rules are below, so you can see how I am going to approach this challenge on FM23…



  • No transfers or loans into the club are allowed, however I can sell or loan players out.

  • If I am sacked, it’s series over…Simple as that. (Let’s hope its not a one season wonder).

  • No save game editors are allowed.

  • I can sign backroom staff.


Is to win your chosen countries’ top division and win the Champions League in your continent with a previously unplayable club using only your academy as a way of acquiring new players – meaning No Transfers of any kind. No buying back former players, even on a free, and no loans not even as part of a deal to sell your player.

However, I have a slight change to the normal AIM/RULE for this challenge, as that I will be picking the club myself and thanks to a video done over on twitter, on The Managers Seat page by my favourite Brummie Llama aka FM LLaMa, I saw the club for me… (This is the video, click here)… Also, I am allowed to keep any players that start under contract and have the option to extend their contracts as often as I wish and any players that are on loan at the club at the start of the challenge, can be used but I cannot extend their loans beyond the first season. Let’s hope all the best players at the club ain’t on loan then…

Off to Buenos Aires, Argentina…


For Chacarita Juniors, a Primera Nacional football in the second tier of Argentinean football…

Media predication is a 22nd in the season coming. Unfortunately the club as no history as such, so I am hoping to change that in season’s to come. But, the board and fans want the same thing…Finish above our fierce rivals Atlanta!!

The kits were done by FM Slovakia, however their is no third kit available off the website, so if anyone would like to do a funky design for this then drop me a DM, would be much appreciated. The home and away kits look awesome, don’t you think.



I have about 18 players in the main squad and five of them are on loan. On initial thoughts of the squad, who are by the way predicted to finish in 22nd place in the league this season looks decent and lucky for me the four players with five star potential are my players not loanees. The loanees do look strong but I think I will have to pop into the reserves or maybe into the u20s to deepen the first team in certain positions like GK, D(C) & M(C). I haven’t decided what formation I will be using yet for this challenge, which could be key if I am going to stay in Argentina.


Not bad to be honest, only four players in on loan and don’t look the greatest which I am happy with because we have better players in the reserves. A few four and half and five star potential which again is a bonus with some of them likely to move into the first team squad following this update and especially during preseason so I can see what they are like.


I think, I am in luck again…Mostly this squad are on £5 p/w and there is a lot of potential in this U20s squad, which may improve my squad in years to come. Need to tie some of their contracts and maybe add a release clause or two in them. No, loanees in this squad which is a bonus. Just need to bring in the right coaches to help with. I can see two players already being promoted into the reserves and maybe feature in the league too.

I will be highlighting few players in the preseason ’22 blog which will feature in the coming days after this has been released…


NAME: Club Atlético Chacarita Juniors

BASED: Club HQ in Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires, Argentina. The squad currently plays in Primera Nacional, which is in the second division of the Argentine football league pyramid.

NICKNAME: Funebreros (“Undertakers“) because a former ground was near the La Chacarita Cemetery. The red color in its jersey (apart from black and white) is a reference to its anarchist origins.


HISTORY: The club was founded in 1906, in an anarchist Library on the boundary between the Villa Crespo and Chacarita neighborhoods. After a short period of institutional crisis, the club was re-opened in 1919. The football squad promoted to Primera División in 1924, and continued playing at the top level after football became professional in 1931.

In 1940 Chacarita was relegated to the second division, but it lasted only one season. The team then moved to the General San Martín Partido in Greater Buenos Aires, next to the autonomous city of Buenos Aires.

In 1956 Chacarita was relegated to the second division again, and won that championship the following year returning to Primera División. After 10 consecutive years at the top level, Chacarita won its only first division title, the 1969 Metropolitano championship.

In the following years the team performed badly and was relegated all the way down to the 3rd division in 1980. In 1984 Chacarita came back to the first division, but because of Hooliganism by some of its fans, the club was punished with a suspension for a month and a loss of 10 points; having missing those points, Chacarita could not avoid a new relegation to the second division. After a long tenure in lower divisions (including the Primera C), Chacarita came back to the top division in 1999, where the team remained until 2004 Torneo Clausura, when it was relegated to the Primera B Nacional.

In the 2008–09 season the club finished 2nd, after a 1–0 victory against Platense, with a goal scored in the last seconds of the match. This victory secured Chacarita a return to Primera División after five years of being relegated.

At the end of 2011–12 season, Chacarita finished 20th and therefore the Funebreros had to play two matches against Nueva Chicago (winner of Primera B Metropolitana’s Torneo Reducido) to avoid being relegated to the lower division. Nueva Chicago won the series (1–0 and 1–1) and Chacarita was subsequently relegated.


Also, I am 50/50 about this thumbnail. I like it, but I feel someone could do it justice, if anyone wants too…

In the meantime, please feel free to leave a comment with any feedback and questions and don’t forget to check out all the other blogs on here and you can follow me on Twitter here.

See you next time and thank you for reading…

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