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(FM23) A Youth Only Challenge : Chacarita Juniors – Preseason ’22

Dernière mise à jour : 7 juin

A Youth Only Challenge: Chacarita Juniors – Midseason ’22 coxie fm fmultras story

A Youth Only Challenge‘ is all about focusing on your club’s youth development, with an emphasis on producing homegrown talents. Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. Home of Chacarita Juniors a storied football club infamous for having never won Primera División in their history. Can they finally defy all odds by using youth only and go on to win the top división and then the Champions League…

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Hola mis amigos Y bienvenido a mi blog…

So, we start this series off in January 22 and it’s not a bad start to life in Buenos Aires during preseason window as we go unbeaten in the four games played with two wins and two draws. To be honest, on my previous saves/series so far on FM23, I normally play the strongest XI during this period, however doing this type of challenge and having to rely on youth players, I did rotate heavily between players for each of the four fixtures to try most of the squads out and there were a few of them that did impress me and have moved into the first team from the reserves and U20s squads.

I did however try not to rely on the loan players as much during the preseason as I know at the end of the season, they will be back at their parent clubs. But they might have to play a key role in the upcoming season, if we want to establish ourselves in the league with the board wanting us to finish mid-table. Media predication is 22nd out of 38 club, yes 38 clubs in the second tier of this great footballing nation.


I’ll post a little bit about some of the players that I have came cross during preseason who if I can keep around may have a big part to play in the first few seasons. Otherwise these blogs will be a little thin on the ground due not not being able to use transfer or loan markets. I’ll highlighting my four top prospects…

Also, to note, I was looking in the U20s squad and saw two of my youth players on youth contracts as being wanted by another club. Both were being tracked/wanted by River Plate and to be honest both had four star potential so I got them both signed on new deals and added £1M release clauses on both of them.

Federico Losas | GK

Our first choice GK, has youth on his side and five star potential too and hopefully none of the big clubs like Boca or River come knocking to soon. Was expecting my first team GK to be mid 30s like my previous saves, It reminds me of Carl Rushworth who was on loan at Walsall a couple of season ago. Great potential too. Anyway, back to Losas, some room for improvement but looks solid.

Nicolás Chávez | LB

Defo, first on the team sheet and another youthful player with five star potential. This club has a few good players and hopefully make some money of some of them in the near future so I can invest into the youth and training facilities. There is another LB, at the club who is on par and could come in if I lose my first choice. That is Facundo Regiroli, who is 17 and back up to Chávez.

Enzo Hoyos | AM

I think I have hit the jackpot here with some of these five star potentials at this club. I’m hoping their are more in the squad that will develop like Hoyos as I play a style of tactic that requires three AM in the shadow striker role. He’s got some good attributes but there still room for improvement and hopefully can get some goals for us during this upcoming season.

Valentín Chocobar | AM

This lad had to feature with a name like this and he has already impressed me during preseason by getting his name on the scoresheet. Hopefully Mr Cadbury doesn’t melt under pressure. Plus as well, I’d recently visited Cadbury’s World in Bournville too.

I feel as the series goes on I will more and more use the preseason blog to show off players in detail.


Yes I have packed enough red meat for the series in South America, like the Argentina World Cup squad did for Qatar, thank you very much and I’ll just sit quietly in the corner minding his own business adding crushed chills to my avocado toast.

Also, it’s always nice when you get a DM on Twitter saying that they have also watched @FM LLaMa which featured the Undertakers in and they also are doing a save with them. Also, shout-out to Eric Ely, who done the third kit for this club. Will do a picture of it in the next blog…

In the meantime, please feel free to leave a comment with any feedback and questions and don’t forget to check out all the other blogs on here and you can follow me on Twitter here.

See you next time and thank you for reading…

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